How to Make Money with Google – Ultimate Guide – From A to Z

This page is meant to be a step by step no BS guide to making passive income online with SEO which is mostly centered on making money with Google. You could succeed and make hundreds of dollars a day using only the strategies mentionned in these 3 pages. It’s one of those 80/20 rule thing where 80% of your success comes from 20% of what you do.

Step One: Keyword Research

Step Two: SEO Domain selection, Best Hosting, Adsense Web Design and Content

Step Three: Backlinks – From $ a Day to $500 a Day


This post on how to use the best spinner has a series of videos to better explain the step three of creating backlinks using spined articles and article syndication.

Here is a recent post on my current status of doing backlinks and what I use/abandoned.

If you want more help or explanations in terms of SEO and finding keywords/how to rank them we recommend The keyword Academy, they have a free trial for the first month where you can read up on all the information and combine it with our methods (which I think is the best way to go). Everyone wants to learn how to make money with google / online, but keep in mind this is something you have to commit to!