Video Guide on how I use TBS to prepare articles for AMR/AR/UAW

the best spinnerThis is a series of videos I made to help people understand how I use The best spinner that I mention in my first how to get backlinks post to create my articles and also I made videos about how I re-use my articles for multiple article syndication platforms.

This next video is about how I go from my spin ready article to using article marketing robot. If you have not read about this software before read my article marketing robot review to have a better idea of the UI and how it works.

Third video is how I prepare articles for Article ranks

And the final video is about using UAW which can be a bit more complicated to learn at first compared to the other services but once you see it in video and do it once it’s definitely quite easy to learn:

So hopefully that helps you guys, let me know if you have any suggestions on other things you would like to see in text/video format or any improvements I could do to the video/audio quality. Listening back to them it feels like the volume might not be that loud, I’ll try to increase my mic’s volume in future videos.

Services I used in this video:
The Best Spinner
Article Marketing Robot
Article Ranks
Unique article wizard

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