Video on how I use SEMrush to help find niches and good keywords

So a lot of people have trouble with finding good markets and keywords they can rank for and this is where SEMrush can definitely help you by stealing some of the big website’s keywords that they are probably not optimized for. Beyond stealing keywords though, I have been using it a lot to give me niche ideas as I describe in the video and first pointed out in my semrush review. At first I mostly only used the free version to spy on other peoples keywords but the paid version at $50 a month has been very helpful in giving me new niche ideas and keywords for my existing websites for the past 3 weeks. Ideally after finding a niche that sparks an interest in you (either because it interests you or because you see some $$ potential in it) you want to start entering keywords related to that niche in the google keyword tool and after you export quite a few keywords that seemsemrush ed relevant to your niche (for pets as I show in the video, you might want to go for “dogs” “why do dogs eat grass” “what do dogs eat” “why do dogs eat poop”, I would not go for dogs in general but you could maybe do something related to dog food, that would be specific enough if you can find enough keywords. Yes, some of the previously mentioned keywords are under $1 CPC but they have quite a lot of searches so the volume would most likely make up for the lower CPC and also, you probably can have some articles targeting higher CPC dog keywords that will most likely raise up the ad costs of the other articles.

I forgot to mention but the cost % is also affected by the estimated position of the website on google, which is why you can find keywords with more search volume and/or CPC lower in the list, it’s because wisegeek does not rank #1 for them (and so get way less clicks).

The free plugin I use when looking at the PR and yahoo backlinks on Google is called SEOquake, theirs a version for Chrome and Firefox. Yahoo backlinks are not a great measurement of a website’s backlinks these days (not as accurate as it once was) but it works great for a quick check which is the goal here.

Here is a short list of example websites you can probably find good keywords for:


And I still love using it to see what the other internet marketer websites are ranking for, a lot of time you can rank for those keywords too and you might not have seen them when doing a Google keyword tool search.


As a sidenote, for those who have the keyword tool dominator ($30 or 7 day trial) I have been using it again recently to basically put niche ideas into it and to later export into niche refinery to see if they have any potential. Basically let’s say SEmrush gave me the idea of the “dog food” niche. I would make KTD search Google for dog food & why do dogs eat grass. Then, of the results I would make it search again all the keywords that have more than 2-3k searches per month to hopefully find more keywords. This can easily be done without the tool, the only disadvantage is that it would take more time and it’s a bit annoying but it might be worth giving the tool a trial and see if it’s worth it to you. If you don’t use it, it’s as simple as sorting in excel all the keywords from the first research that have more than 2k search/month and then put a few of them at a time into the Google keyword tool and export the results to later upload them all to niche refinery.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on other videos you would like to see let me know in the comments! 🙂

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