Who We Are

Hey guys, I started Internet Marketing in early 2010 a short while after meeting a guy named Dave and seeing the awesome lifestyle Internet Marketing provided him with. When I first met him I basically was thinking “He must not be making much” “ya sure it might work for now but it wont for long run… I better stick with school”. However, I soon changed my mind around the end of February 2010 and decided to give it a shot myself. I was sick of waking up at 8am for school & work (summer job). For 8 months I was working on my websites at night while working a day job or school during the day. 8 months later I was making $100 days on adsense and decided to stop school (did not go to my fall semester) and moved out of my parent’s house and get even more serious about IM. For more details on my first year’s earnings read my post about my first year in internet marketing.

90% of my income is from adsense and from about 5 websites, my main one (about 50% of my income and 100+ posts) is in the health niche which is what I by far always enjoyed the most since I myself follow a strict low carb diet (paleo) and work out 1-3 times a week.

Why did we start this blog?

I constantly get asked “how does it work??” and after getting annoyed to the point of not even replying to these messages in forums I simply decided to do a blog were we can share what we do and those who truly want to try out IM for themselves can follow some of the advice we share.

I also got pissed over time from the amount of marketers who teach how to make money online but actually make the bulk of their income on how to teach others and not from applying what they teach so I hope to share my success from my work unrelated to this blog and provide real advice that was tested by myself on multiple websites.

Finally, I believe the road to success in IM is a long one but the only ones who fail are those who decided to quit before they attain success.

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Hey what is up guys,

You can call me Becker (because my first name is Alex..so it could get confusing) I actually first got interested in Internet Marketing when I saw the massive success that Alex was having online. It was long after that I started my first website based around picking up girls in college (http://collegeflirt.net/)It has now grown to almost 30k visitors a month and is one of my biggest revenue streams online.

While I have had some real success with Google SEO tactic, my real area of expertise is creating products and marketing them online. This is exactly what I want to show you how to do so that The Link Back becomes the total package for anyone online. Alex will be showing you how to rank highly in google and then I will be showing you how to make the most money with your sites.

I also am extremely interested in showing people how to create amazing sites they are passionate about and to generate traffic by providing pure quality alone. I also love you very much…lol =D