Success with PPC on Facebook :)

So after doing a lot of PPC since last November I finally had a good profitable month after sticking to Facebook as my traffic source and dating as my vertical. I want to switch to health soon as this is my true long term goal with PPC so I can use my own products or […]

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Combining SEO with PPC and social media traffic

How I Do Authority Sites Now – Mixing SEO, PPC & Social Traffic

So I’ve been thinking about other sources of traffic besides SEO. If you guys did not know, a site like originally had all it’s traffic from forums, probably around 3 that we were active in. Anyway, while I still think”only”  SEO can work I don’t think you want to mass produce links nowadays to […]

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game of throne resizing 170kb to 80kb

1 Powerful FREE Software to Drastically Reduce Image Size for Fast Website Speed

Hey guys, as I’ve been working on mobile apps recently I had found the need to really reduce my image size that are displayed on the apps to improve loading speeds for users. By using a free image resizing program called riot (seriously… it’s free… no ads even!) I was able to reduce the size […]

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What I’ve Been Up To – The Way I’m doing SEO for the rest of 2012

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been hard at work outside of SEO, trying other online money making methods.  iPhone apps stuff, local business websites, forex and a bit of PPC. I’ve been talking a break on SEO to see if my sites would recover and try a few recovery methods over […]

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free facebook likes

How To Get Unlimited Free Likes, Google +1 And More

Hey guys, I’ve been looking into social signals for my websites to see if they helped with rankings and what not and after buying a lot of Fiver gigs a while ago I found this website which is pretty awesome. You guys probably seen this type of website where you trade likes and what […]

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seo post april 2012

April Google SEO update – Well this is Fun

Well this month’s update was quite a system shock, I’m not too sure what it targeted specifically on my sites because I use mostly the same methods and some sites are doing terrible while others have not changed at all! One of my older “authority” sites got destroyed in terms of domain/inner page rankings (luckily […]

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The 11 Hour Ranking Strategy…That BEATS The Snot Out Of My Old 24 Hour Ranking Strategy.

Soooo….. If you noticed I have been kind of quiet lately The truth is..Even though I hate to admit it.. After my many successes I still can get surprised by Google As you probably already know, I have heavily relied on networks to rank new sites.. On top of this the new algorithm change has […]

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Secockpit column explanation

Making new Websites – Video on Keyword Research Using SEcockpit

Hey guys, after not doing much SEO related work in the past 3 months as I mentioned in my last post on SEO/Adsense I’m starting to work hard on it again. With public blog networks possibly losing a lot of power in the future I really want to consolidate my website “portfolio” to websites I […]

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Paid-Links are frown upon

Blog Networks, Google Getting More Serious

As much as I hate doing a post on what a shiton of people will probably abuse to once again sell products (when Panda came out “hundreds” of “panda proof” guides came out) I do think it’s important to reiterate a few points for those wondering my opinion on the recent blog network de-indexing and […]

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SEO And Adsense Sucks… O RLY?

Hey guys,  I felt like writing a post about how awesome I sometimes think SEO & Adsense are. A lot of people give SEO shit or say Adsense is very unreliable but I do feel that it has some really important advantages as some staple income. Maybe this will resonate with some of you depending […]

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