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How To Easily Get A $100 Google Adwords Coupon For $5. New Accounts Only!

How To Easily Get A $100 Google Adwords Coupon For $5. New Accounts Only!

TweetHey all, quick post. So I’ve been starting PPC on Google’s display network recently and I was looking how to get those $100 coupons that I used to see advertised all the time. It got a bit more complicated recently and ultimately the fastest way to get one is to head to fiverr.com and search […]

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Alex – What I am up to Adsense & PPC

TweetHey guys, I wanted to do a post on what I am up to for those who are curious and also for myself to get refocused/organized because I am doing a lot of different things at the same time… To start off with, after many months of going downhill adsense in January went back to […]

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The Biggest Reason Why I Wanted to Make Money Online, And How You Need it Too!

TweetI’m sure the following idea is something a lot of you guys will recognize in yourself or what you see in others that are interested in making money online. “I want to make money online so I could barely have to work and make tons of money.” “I would have so much free time to […]

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The Secret Truth of Online Success (And Possibly Everywhere)

TweetHey guys, this post is something I wanted to write for a long time now. I’m not sure how it will sound by the time I am done but hopefully you guys will understand my viewpoint :). You just discovered Internet Marketing! So, a lot of you guys are probably like how I was when […]

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bookmarking demon review

Bookmarking Demon Review, Bonus & Temporary Discount!

TweetAfter dismissing bookmarking demon for over a year because it never had any trial while carrying a high price tag of $147 I was enlightened to the power of social bookmarking a few months ago. I saw really good results very quickly (within a week) on my older domains so while waiting to see if […]

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banning adsense advertiser urls

October Income Report – Ohhh adsense why must you be so…

TweetAhhh another month over :). Time flies by, SEO hybrid is almost done and should be released shortly.  I also have a bookmarking demon review that should be up soon but I contacted the owner to possibly get a discount so I’m waiting on an answer for that before posting it. This month is actually […]

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three-stars and a half stars

High PR Private Blog Network – Linkamotion Review

TweetLinkamotion is a private high PR blog network that I have been using over the past months. This service is a lot like BMR or Blog Blueprint. Similar to Blog blueprint, it allows you to submit spun articles (instead of 100% unique articles as BMR requests) to the owner’s private blog network.  I like to […]

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muay thay training go passive income!

September Income Report Update – Dancing with Google

TweetAs you can guess from the title my newer sites went into a bit of a (hopefully) temporary slap with Google. Basically all rankings were lost until the 5th page or further. Interestingly, this only happened to all the sites that were connected by adsense and google analytics. I only have been adding google analytics […]

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ranking article links

Current Linkbuilding Tools/Services I Still Use Or Abandonned

TweetHey guys, something I’ve been contemplating this month is consolidating the link services I use. Currently I use quite a lot of them UAW, Article Samurai, Article Ranks, Linkamotion, ezarticlelink, abc plugin (automatic backlink creator) and most recently blog blueprint. As per my case study post that I did on the warrior forums that I […]

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niche refinery is gone

New Keyword Research Videos – Niche Refinery Gone 4 EVAR

TweetHey guys, so as many of you have pointed out to me, niche refinery has been retired. Not only that, but if you have been using the keyword tool dominator tool it is also down… Quite annoying but truthfully the reason I did not really notice these updates until pointed it out to me is […]

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