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Ezarticlelink Review – My current favorite network

Hey guys, I want to share my Ezarticlelink Review, a great service that has a FREE and PAID version that I both used for Good/GREAT results. I started using EZA almost a year ago now and I wanted to recommend it a long time ago on the blog. However, back in late March possibly due […]

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How To Easily Get A $100 Google Adwords Coupon For $5. New Accounts Only!

How To Easily Get A $100 Google Adwords Coupon For $5. New Accounts Only!

Hey all, quick post. So I’ve been starting PPC on Google’s display network recently and I was looking how to get those $100 coupons that I used to see advertised all the time. It got a bit more complicated recently and ultimately the fastest way to get one is to head to fiverr.com and search […]

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Alex – What I am up to Adsense & PPC

Hey guys, I wanted to do a post on what I am up to for those who are curious and also for myself to get refocused/organized because I am doing a lot of different things at the same time… To start off with, after many months of going downhill adsense in January went back to […]

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Why 95% Of People Fail At Keyword Research Pt 1

Hey guys what is up Becker here, Why 95% Of People Fail To Make Money Online It is a well know fact that about 95% people fail to create a full time income online. The most shocking fact I have found though is the 5% who do are not doing anything extremely sexy or anything […]

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The Biggest Reason Why I Wanted to Make Money Online, And How You Need it Too!

I’m sure the following idea is something a lot of you guys will recognize in yourself or what you see in others that are interested in making money online. “I want to make money online so I could barely have to work and make tons of money.” “I would have so much free time to […]

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Free. Viral. Pre-sold. Traffic. Traffic Dundee is here

Hey guys Becker here, Alex Cass’s and I’s latest product Traffic Dundee is here. If you want to find out how I get sites like the LB and CF big without even needing SEO .well here you go Click Here To Check Out Traffic Dundee

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The Most Authoritative Guide On Creating Authority Sites Ever (Plus A Look Into The Traffic Dundee Launch)

What is up guys Becker here, Haven’t shot a video on here for awhile so…   Authority Site 101 Be Sure To Check Your Email This Wednesday For The Traffic Dundee Discount -Becker  

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Get An Easy Instant High PR Backlink For Free

Hey guys, Becker here… Today I have a treat for you guys. As you guys know, I love helping people that read this blog. So after seeing this done on another site I was inspired to unleash this treat on here. The Link Back PR 3 site with quite a bit of link power. Today, […]

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Becker’s November Income Report

How is it going guys, Becker here… So recently during a private coaching session a student asked me “Becker, how much money are you currently making online and how long will it take me to get to that point” Frankly, I was a tad embarrassed because at that moment I realized I have no clue […]

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The Secret Truth of Online Success (And Possibly Everywhere)

Hey guys, this post is something I wanted to write for a long time now. I’m not sure how it will sound by the time I am done but hopefully you guys will understand my viewpoint :). You just discovered Internet Marketing! So, a lot of you guys are probably like how I was when […]

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