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How to Make Your Site Convert At Crazy Levels: Affiliate Marketing Meltdown Part 2

TweetHey guys Becker here! I am as excited as balls right now because I truly believe this post is going to take a lot of people from the >20 dollars a day mark to the <100 dollars a day mark almost instantly. There is a ton of info here and I busted my ass and […]

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97% of Internet Marketers Are Doomed Because of Headlines..

TweetHey guys Becker, enjoy the ferrets The One Weird Trick That Leads to Massive Success.. Did you also know I could write about ferrets for the rest of this post and over 70% of you would still keeping reading? The ferret is a domesticated mammal of the type Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets are sexually dimorphic […]

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Make Guaranteed Money Online Today : Affiliate Marketing Meltdown pt 1

TweetHey guys Becker here…Big day…watch the vids Guaranteed Money? The Affiliate Marketing Guaranteed Money Formula Wooo…tired of videos? So, after watching these I hope you picked up on something. Making a ton of money off affiliate products is as easy as doing first grade math. All you have to learn is how to research your […]

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My First $15,000 Day + How To Make Your Products SELL On Crazy Levels

TweetWhat is up guys. If you were following the Panda Dundee: Total SEO Guide launch the closing revenue after 24 hours of being was a whopping 15,234 dollars. (of course this is not all mine, but this is the revenue our product generated) But Thats  Not What I’m Really Excited About Though… When I got […]

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The Product Launch Revealed: $10, 000 in one day

TweetHey guys Becker here,   In yesterdays post I mentioned it was possible to make 5,000 a day from launching products. Well… It turns out I undershot it a little bit..I am kinda dumb Heres the results..10 hours after launch AND Tommorow I am Gonna Show you EXACTLY how My partner (Alex Cass) and I […]

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100, 200, 300 Dollars a day?…Try 5000+ With A Product Launch

Tweet Hey guys Becker here, So…I am pumped about this post. I have been covering product creation pretty extensively on here, and now I have the chance to give you a first hand example of it being implemented with a product that is launching tomorrow. I am piss my pants excited because I get  to […]

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The Free Linked Ebook Is Out (Monetizing,SEO,and Conversions ZOMG)

TweetHey guys Becker here…. Not much to say. The Ebook is out. If your already a member of the newsletter check your email for a link to the video series. If your not sign up below to get access to it! Tweet

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6000 Reasons Why Product Creation Is Awesome (Step 1 In the 10k Series)

Tweet I also just sent out the second money keyword on the newsletter..Dont miss out sign up here What is up guys, Becker here… Its day one. The first step. The plunge in the pool. (insert another weird analogy) So without further due, lets get straight into the big question 6000 Reasons Why Product Creation […]

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The Link Back Newsletter (Free ebooks, keywords, and content…oh my)

Tweet What This Newsletter is Gonna Be All About… Whaaat is up guys, Becker here.. Anyhoo, one of the main things Alex and I have been wanting to do with the blog is make it as personal as possible. Of course we want everyone who comes on the blog to get access to free great […]

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Introduction to Product Creation and Marketing (Is 10,000 a Month realistic? Income Report Inside)

Tweet A Taste of the Potential of SEO+Product Creation+ Solid Marketing Screen Shot of Me and My 2 Partners Earnings over 2 monthes From 3 Products My Profit From Product Sale From a Single Site (not College Flirt..) So lets get started…. What is up guys Becker here, First off, that is the one and […]

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