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The 11 Hour Ranking Strategy…That BEATS The Snot Out Of My Old 24 Hour Ranking Strategy.

TweetSoooo….. If you noticed I have been kind of quiet lately The truth is..Even though I hate to admit it.. After my many successes I still can get surprised by Google As you probably already know, I have heavily relied on networks to rank new sites.. On top of this the new algorithm change has […]

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Why 95% Of People Fail At Keyword Research Pt 1

TweetHey guys what is up Becker here, Why 95% Of People Fail To Make Money Online It is a well know fact that about 95% people fail to create a full time income online. The most shocking fact I have found though is the 5% who do are not doing anything extremely sexy or anything […]

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Free. Viral. Pre-sold. Traffic. Traffic Dundee is here

TweetHey guys Becker here, Alex Cass’s and I’s latest product Traffic Dundee is here. If you want to find out how I get sites like the LB and CF big without even needing SEO .well here you go Click Here To Check Out Traffic Dundee Tweet

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The Most Authoritative Guide On Creating Authority Sites Ever (Plus A Look Into The Traffic Dundee Launch)

TweetWhat is up guys Becker here, Haven’t shot a video on here for awhile so…   Authority Site 101 Be Sure To Check Your Email This Wednesday For The Traffic Dundee Discount -Becker   Tweet

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Get An Easy Instant High PR Backlink For Free

TweetHey guys, Becker here… Today I have a treat for you guys. As you guys know, I love helping people that read this blog. So after seeing this done on another site I was inspired to unleash this treat on here. The Link Back PR 3 site with quite a bit of link power. Today, […]

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Becker’s November Income Report

TweetHow is it going guys, Becker here… So recently during a private coaching session a student asked me “Becker, how much money are you currently making online and how long will it take me to get to that point” Frankly, I was a tad embarrassed because at that moment I realized I have no clue […]

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My Next SEO Conquest Step 2: Top 5 In 2 Weeks

Tweet(If this is the  first SEO Conquest post your reading you can start from the beginning HERE) (Attention Newsletter Members FREE SEO webinar this Sunday. The details are in this post) Hey guys Becker here… With good news! My SEO Conquest is nearing its end, I have bashed down the walls of Turkey Burger castle […]

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How A MMA Brawler Made 350K + Kicking Ass Online With Paid Traffic

TweetHey guys, Becker here Recently I have been getting a ton of questions about paid traffic, now I will be the first to admit I am not an expert on the subject.. Lucky for me I happen to know one! Check him out in the video below (The first guy you see, fast forward to […]

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My Next SEO Conquest : Step 1 Initial Backlinking

TweetWhat is up guys! Becker here with another revealing SEO post. Video Update So, I have good news….My SEO conquest is going very well and I am sieging the castle walls of Google like a dragon on steroids..(sorry  I have been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Skyrim lately) Anyhoo, with all the dramatic dragon […]

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1 Guy. 1 Month. 2000 New Blog Subscribers

TweetWhat is up guys Becker here, It is time for yet another Link Back interview with a person who is killing it online. Before I get into this , I want to talk about something I noticed recently that I found very interesting about Internet Marketing. I honestly have yet to meet a person who […]

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